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The First Room Of Carpet Cleaning Is

On Me, That’s Right It’s FREE!

Then Every Third Room Of

Carpet Is Cleaned FREE!

Dear Friend,

                         Hi My name is Bob Runion owner of New Way Carpet Cleaning, yes you read it right, FREE up to 150 sq ft. and there is no catch. Hey let’s face it this is my slow season. I don’t want to lose my great employees’, so I am cutting prices just to keep them busy. Please help me fight unemployment.


My Best Deal Ever, So here is how it works,


1.First Room is FREE: You can just have one room cleaned and that’s it we leave you pay nothing or you can have as many rooms cleaned as you want. Just remember the more you have cleaned the more you get FREE. If you have 4 rooms cleaned you will get 2 of those cleaned FREE. 7 rooms cleaned 3 of those will be FREE. 10 rooms 4 of those will be FREE; I think you get the idea.


2. Every third room of carpet cleaned FREE!  I will measure the square footage of each room from the largest to the smallest, and you will get the third room size cleaned free.  For any order under three rooms, I will clean a hall or bathroom for free.




3. Every third piece of upholstery cleaned FREE! From the largest to the smallest piece and you get the third piece cleaned FREE!


4. Every Third room & third piece of furniture protected with Scotchgard Protector FREE! When you have two rooms and two piece of furniture protected.


5. For every $100 you spend on any of our services you will receive a $10 Gift certificate to spend on future cleanings.


BONUS: FREE traffic area touch-up cleaning by May 30th!

6. Plus Free Spring Traffic Lane Cleaning On any rooms Cleaned in January By May 30th with any Cleaning Package.

Hurry! These Discounts End January 31, 2018

                            Call Today New Way Carpet Cleaning    304-295-7238          Serving the Mid-Ohio Valley For Over 35 Years


My minimum charge of $125.00 still applies, but of course, so do all of my No-Risk, Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantees.  You will feel the cleaning we do is “The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning Ever, or it’s Free.”                                

Not valid with any other offer