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You Can Pocket More Money Over the Next Five Years By Cleaning Your Carpets...”

(Most People Miss Out On This Great Opportunity!)


Hello, it’s Bob Runion, from New Way Carpet Cleaning.  In today’s economy most of us are looking for ways to put more money back into the family budget.  How can you tap into that trend with carpet cleaning?  Let’s take a minute and …


“Crack The Code”


            It’s really quite simple.  First let’s ask…how much would replacing the carpets in your home cost?  And how long will your current carpets last? 


            On average, most people would be looking at around $3,000.00-$5,500.00 for a whole house, depending on the quality of carpet installed.  So how about extending the life of your current carpet?  How about taking advantage of your home’s…


Hidden Assets…


            Honestly in the thousands of homes I’ve cleaned, I’ve seen 5 year-old carpets that needed to be put in the trash, and I’ve seen 20-year old carpets that still looked brand new. 


The only difference was in the care. 


And not so long ago a lot of my clients were happy to replace their carpets every five years – just a dip into their equity rich second mortgages and they had brand new carpet with no dents in the family budget.  But it’s a different story today.  Many homes don’t have much equity these days, and remember the…


…Credit Crunch?


Most people today can’t afford the luxuries of a “throw away” society.  And who wants to live that way anyway?  It’s not good for the planet.


But your carpet can look brand new for years to come with the proper home care and maintenance…


Here Is The Simple Formula:


Remove your shoes +

Vacuum weekly +

Have proper steam cleaning done every 6-12 months =

Long Lasting Carpet = More Money In Your Family Budget


            If you follow that formula you will extend the life and beauty of your carpet.  That means more money back into your family budget.  What will you do with that extra $3,000-$5,000 you save?


Protect Your Home’s Valuable Asset With Carpet Cleaning:

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